When to Use Plastic Stanchions

When it comes to crowd control for events, festivals, retail spaces, and openings, few devices are more time tested than the trusty stanchion. For the last century, traditional metal stanchions with velvet ropes have delineated VIP events and added an air of class. But those stanchions aren’t the best choice for all events, which is why plastic stanchions have become increasingly popular.

The humble plastic stanchion may not convey the same sense of sophistication as its brass and velvet counterpart, but it remains the most versatile type of crowd control device available to consumers. But knowing when it makes sense to use a plastic stanchion instead of other types of crowd control devices may be puzzling for the uninitiated. Read on to learn the best practical applications for plastic stanchions.

Outdoor Applications

Post and rope stanchions are great if you’re going to be using them primarily indoors, but what about when you need a crowd control device outside? That’s where plastic stanchions can come in handy. Because they are made from plastic and can even include plastic chains, they are 100 percent impervious to anything nature can throw at them. They can tolerate heavy rain, snow, temperature extremes, and UV sunlight without experience significant degradation. Therefore, if you plan to use your stanchions outside, there’s no more obvious choice than plastic stanchions.

Portable Applications

Another beneficial attribute to consider when it comes to plastic stanchions is their light weight relative to other types of crowd control devices. Because they’re made of plastic, they’re light, which makes them easy to transport and move around. This makes them perfect for applications in which you may need to move them frequently to accommodate expanding crowds or when stanchions must be deployed and retrieved daily. They can be set up and taken down relatively quickly with minimal manpower.

Durable Applications

Plastic is extremely durable not just when it comes to weather resistance, but also in terms of routine wear and tear. Metal stanchions can become dulled, scratched, and dented during routine use and storage. However, plastic stanchions can resist that kind of damage for years and endure all kinds of harsh circumstances. That makes them perfect in high-traffic areas where they may be frequently bumped around or knocked over.

Temporary Applications

If you only need crowd control for temporary situations such as festivals of annual events, it probably doesn’t make sense for you to invest in post and rope or adjustable belt stanchions only to use them occasionally. The price point for plastic stanchions is among the lowest for all crowd control measures, which makes it the perfect affordable choice if you simply need a practical crowd control device once or twice a year.

While all stanchions have their merits and are appropriate for specific situations, the plastic stanchion is highly versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. Plastic stanchions are affordable, lightweight, and resilient, making them a perfect well-rounded choice for many crowd control needs.

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