3 Types of Driveway Sealers

A concrete sealer needs to be included whenever a concrete driveway is installed. This protects the driveway from exposure to the elements, such as rain or heat, that can cause damage to the concrete. While you might realize that concrete sealer is important, you might not know that there are various types of concrete sealers. Here are some of the materials that might be used for the best driveway sealer.


The most budget-friendly type of driveway sealer is acrylics. This type of sealer can be used for either interior or exterior use and comes in two forms, solvent and water-based. Acrylic sealers are thinner than other options which offers an advantage and disadvantage. It’s easier to apply than other options which makes it easier for a non-professional to handle. However, it doesn’t last as long as the other options so you’ll have to apply the sealer more frequently. Typically, you’ll have to apply an acrylic sealer every two months or so to protect your driveway.


Like acrylic sealers, polyurethane sealers come in both solvent and water-based forms and can be used for interior and exterior use. This type of sealer is much thicker than an acrylic sealer, meaning that it will protect your driveway longer. While polyurethane is a little more expensive, you won’t have to apply the sealer as frequently as you would with an acrylic sealer. After applying the sealer, it will take some time before it will protect your driveway from moisture. The driveway must become completely dry before it’s exposed to water in order for it to work.

Penetrating Sealers

Penetrating sealers are the most advanced type of sealer for a driveway. This type of sealer uses an advanced formula in its chemicals to protect your driveway. The formula allows it to quickly react to the capillaries of the driveway so that it will work quicker and more effectively. Using this type of sealer will result in enhanced durability. This is a common choice for outdoor driveways because, while other types are designed for interior and exterior use, this one is designed specifically for exterior use. That’s why it will protect your driveway more thoroughly. It will also provide a matte finish so that your driveway will feature a more natural appearance after being coated.

There are various types of driveway sealers with the right one depending on your budget and surface needs. These are some of the options when looking for the best driveway sealer for your home.

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