Will You Prefer to Make an Affordable Funeral That May Not Be Cheap?

Most of us prefer to avoid thinking about our funeral planning. However, it is very important that when such situation arises, one has to take proper control of all the process. Otherwise, you may end up spending needlessly extra amount.

Below are some of the ways of saving the cost of funeral whether it is your own or any of your near and dear one.

  1. Shop around

You may call funeral homes to enquire their general prices. As per law, the funeral homes must have a list with itemized charges.

After getting the list, you can compare various costs accurately. You may also enquire for the packaged service charges.

2. Prefer for direct burial

One of the least expensive options of any funeral home can be direct burial where the body will be buried immediately after the death with no visitation or embalming.

3. Simplify the casket

Any cooperative funeral director can help you get casket within your budget as there will be many sales people who will try to push the sale of their expensive variety of blue casket.

4. Choose cremation

If you prefer cremation then it will be a cheaper option as compared to burial. Nowadays Americans too prefer cremation option rather than burial.

5. Provide own urn

All funeral homes as well as crematoriums will usually provide you cremation ashes in plastic bag which is inside a plastic box. Urn may not be needed if you want to scatter all the ashes.

For keeping cremains at your home, you may prefer an urn or a container. All these are also sold by crematoriums or funeral homes. However, you may skip this purchase just by providing a nice container or box brought from home.

6. Take an option for green burial

Green or natural type of burial will be cheaper and will avoid using toxic chemicals for embalming and steel caskets, that don’t biodegrade.

There are only few dozen burial grounds available in the country that accept shrouded bodies. However, the trend of green burial is now growing.

7. Hold your funeral at home

Even home funerals will also include variety of activities, right from holding memorial service to preparation of the body meant for burial and holding visiting hours, wake or building coffin.

8. Perform funeral at the church

Service provided at various church, temples, mosque or synagogue can also be less expensive as compared to going to any funeral home. Though the costs may vary, and therefore, it will be advisable to call by phone to enquire the prices.

Though clergy members will typically do all these services for free, however it is customary and also thoughtful to offer tactfully certain amount as an honorarium. How much amount you want to pay is up to you.

9. Learn about benefits offered to veterans

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs also pays certain funeral and burial allowances. You may check out that from their website for eligibility and rules.

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