Saving Landfills with Tire Recycling

We take them for granted every time we speed away in our car or truck, but out car or truck tires keep us safe in the sometime unsafe conditions of snow, sleet, and rain. But when car or truck tires have worn down the treads to where it is not safe to drive, tires need to be replaced. The good news is that there are many ways old tires are finding a second life and being recycled and reused into lots of different products from inorganic mulch that looks like the real thing to alternative fuels.

Old Tires and Landfills

Whenever possible, old tires should be recycled. For this reason, many city and municipality landfills will buy tire tread cutters. This way they can begin the recycling process by cutting up tires and setting them aside to sell to companies that give second life to tire pieces.

Tire Recycling Products

To recycle a tire, you must remove the steel support rings and then cut and grind up the rubber. This is done on a tire tread cutter machine. The tire treads are cut into manageable pieces so they can easily be fed into a grinder. With its sharp teeth and blades, in the grinder the rubber is ground up into even smaller pieces. Then the pieces are refined even more into ground pellets. It is the ground pellets that are shipped to various recyclers where the rubber is formed into various products for a second life.

Recycled tire pellets are used to make patio decking, movable speed bumps, livestock mats, carpet padding, floor underlayment, and the list goes on. Rubber pellets are also formed into inorganic mulch that looks like the real mulch used in landscaping beds and gardens. The rubber is ideal to hold in moisture and to block sun to prevent weeds growth.

Recycled tires are sometimes processed to become alternative fuels. In a reactor, tire rubber under extreme heat breaks down the polymers into smaller molecules and vapor. Once a vapor, the smaller molecules are directed into a chamber where they are burned to produce an oil-based liquid fuel. Ground up tires are also used in road projects. Recycled rubber is a constituent part of hot melt asphalt as well as recycled asphalt pavement.

To help the environment in your town, you may want to recommend your local landfill buy tire tread cutter to begin a recycling program for used tires.

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