Most Important Features That Must Be Present in A Theatre Point of Sale System

A point of sale or POS system is designed to fulfill the requirements of a retail store, restaurant, cinema and theatres. This system fulfills the distinctive needs of a business. It is required that before you select a theatre POS system, there should be a few must-haves features present in it.

What is the need of a theatre POS system?

Theatre POS system provides attendance and sales data-tracking abilities. Studios and distributors mandate that cinema and theatre owners precisely report revenue and ticket sales for movies shown at the theatre. It gets time-consuming and error-prone to maintain manual records to adhere with directives. is one of the most recognized firms that provides reliable and secure theatre POS system helps in efficient tracking and generation of elaborate information of ticket sales. This helps in making the entire process fast, simple, and precise.

How theatre POS aids a business to know about the interest of customers?

Theatre POS comes with a feature to keep a track of the attendance. This has been seen to boost theatre systems’ bottom line. By reviewing the number of tickets sold for different shows, and the patrons who participated, one can easily determine what films are attracting interest in crowds and what are drawing comparatively lesser interest.

Once you get information of the likes and dislikes of the customers, it becomes very easy to form changes accordingly. A theatre can choose to show less popular film only less number of times and recently released on 2 screens in place of one. In addition to it, historical attendance data helps in estimating the needs of staff, that enables a business to prevent unessential labor expenses and ensure good level of customer service.

How theatre POS systems improve marketing effort of a theatre business?

The best type of theatre POS systems allows cinema and theatre operators to keep a record of ticket, merchandise, arcade and concession revenues via a single interface and dashboard.

Use of multiple interfaces and dashboards does not just take more time but also identify trends that become the foundation of informed decisions. With integrated sales analytics, one can easily distinguish that sales of a specific kind of merchandise are higher just prior and during films of a specific genre.

This information is then used to form marketing campaigns. A theatre point of sale system is equipped with sturdy loyalty program and customer relationship management functionality that enables one to advertise to customers and entice them to visit theatre to watch films rather than engaging themselves in other activities. With a loyalty program and CRM aspect help in the creation and convey of offers targeted to a specific population.


The above information makes it clear about the relevance and significance of implementing a theatre POS system. With the right assistance of a merchant payment processing system, a business can benefit a lot in the management of its financial transactions and building its base of happy customers.

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