No fault auto insurance classes and compensation

No fault auto insurance is an insurance type under which the insured is indemnified for losses by his or her own insurance company.  This insurance covers the insured even in cases where the loss or damage of property results from other peoples mistakes.  This feature makes the product to resemble third-party coverage.  However, it is worth noting if you subscribe to no-fault auto insurance then you are not eligible for pain and suffering compensation as part of your claim.

The only way to make a no-fault auto insurance liability claim is when your medical bills scale a certain height.  That is only if your injury is considered severe.  For instance, if your medical bills exceed $4000, or maybe you suffer broken bones, then your state might allow you a compensation.  It should get noted that no-fault insurance policy is only applicable to car accident injuries.  The insurance cover varies depending on states threshold rules and regulations.

Cooperation is essential in no-fault policy claim

With a no-fault insurance claim, the standard rules that pertain to personal injury case always get disregarded.  For instance, in another insurance company. You are not required to submit recorded statements. However, this is precisely not the case with the at the no-fault auto insurance policy.  The at no fault policy demands that you cooperate with your insurer.  The system requires that you issue your insurer with a recorded statement and even attend a medical examination with a physician chosen by the company.  Should you, therefore, fail to cooperate with these conditions then your insurance company might be prompted to refuse to issue compensation to your claim.

Classes of no-fault auto insurance

No fault auto insurance tends to vary from one state to the other. This variation means that the rules and regulations of the policy are not standard everywhere. The policy categories are as below

  • Pure no-fault plan

This policy prohibits any lawsuits associated with the accident.  The injured victims are therefore allowed to make collections from their insurers. States are, however, yet to enact fair no-fault plan policies.

  • Modified no-fault plan

With this policy. You are allowed to sue only if the damages amount surpasses the monetary threshold allowed by the state laws.  Amounts that are below this threshold must get collected from the insurer.

  • Add on plan policy

This policy is, to some extent, not considered right no-fault auto policy because it gives the party the freedom to sue for pain and suffering. If you are injured and on this policy, you may be allowed to collect from your insurer but at the same time sue the driver for negligence.

  • Choice no-fault policy plan

This insurance policy gives you the liberty of choosing between no-fault coverage and payment of either low or higher premiums for using rights.


In a world full of uncertainties, an accident may occur at the least expected time. You might get knocked down by either a speeding driver or a reckless one for that matter. Getting no fault auto insurance in Nevada will be essential in assisting you to get the right compensation, and even medication should this unfortunate event occur.

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