Different Types of Stanchion Posts

Everyone has seen a load of stanchion posts set up outside of a big event, or marking the lines at a movie theatre. What you may not know is why there are so many different types of stanchion posts to see. There are plastic stanchion posts with plastic chains between each post, stanchion posts with retractable belts, and metal stanchion posts with velvet ropes between the posts. Each kind of stanchion has a high amount of customizability in color and patterns. So, if they all do the same thing – create a line for people to follow or block a crowd from moving into a restricted area – why are there different types?

Metal Posts with Velvet Ropes

Metal stanchion posts that have velvet ropes are the highest quality of stanchions. These barriers look elegant and are often seen along red carpet walkways. They are heavier than the other posts and are much more noticeable. They are also more expensive than other stanchions. This is why you will see them more at high-end events and fancier venues.

Stanchion Posts with Retractable Belts

The most common type of stanchion is one that has retractable belts. You’ve most likely seen these at a theatre, a bank, or any location that has regular events that require an organized line. The value in these kinds of stanchions is in the maneuverability. When companies can move lines with a quick release and slide of a belt, they’re going to jump on that opportunity. The best example of this is at a theatre. Before the evening crowd, theatres will move the belts to create one small, straight line to the registers and when the evening starts they will snap a belt or two in place creating a zig-zagging line that is significantly longer. They can do all this without lifting a single post.

Plastic Posts with Chain Ropes

The final type of stanchion is a plastic stanchion post with plastic chains acting as the ropes between each post. This type acts as a middle ground for the two previous kinds of stanchions. These are cheaper than the metal and velvet options, but look nicer than the retractable belts. You can find these posts at places that have regular events that are nicer, but not quite black tie events. These are easy to move than metal ones and lightweight, but they are harder to adjust regularly throughout the day than ones with retractable belts. They really are a fantastic middle ground as far as stanchions go.

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