5 Unique Team Building Ideas Your Employees Will Enjoy

Camaraderieinthe workplace is an essential factor for every successful business. So, you make sure that every once in a while, activities are conducted to build rapport and synergy among your employees.

There are many corporate social event ideas in Atlanta, GA. One of which is a team building activity. It’s a fun occasion that employees look forward to every year. If you’re planning to conduct one, focus on how to make it exciting and engaging for everyone. Here’s some you can try:

Arcade Gaming

Tired of traditional, team building events? There are many fun corporate event ideas in Atlanta, GA, but only a few realize that arcade gaming is even an option. It can bring out the inner kid in every employee. To make it more interactive, you can organize a competition.

Divide your employees into teams, and set them loose to play for a designated period. As soon as the timer stops, compute who has earned the most tickets and they’ll receive a prize. Arcades create the optimal gaming experience with enough machines that every player will find one they enjoy.

Water War

Kids at heart will love this one. Divide people into teams with 2 members each and assign a color per group.Everyone is armed with a small water gun. Provide a headdress with a hoop on top; then cover the circle with colored paper corresponding to each team.

The main goal is to shoot the headdress until the water from the gun goes through the colored paper. If the paper is ruined, they’ll be tagged out, and the game continues until only 1 team remains. Not only will theyenjoy the activity, but they’ll also wina prize and exercise strategic planning in the process.

Take note though, if you’re planning to conduct this activity at a venue, make sure to ask for permission first. They might have safety protocols that should be followed. Alternatively, if your office is located in an area with open space, you can hold the event there.

Laser Tag Arena

This activity has become popular for team building eventsbecause laser tag allows employees to play as hard as they work. It promotes decision making, effective communication, adaptability, and team trust. All are work skills that every employee should have. Playing in a more challenging environment willteach your employees that cooperating as a team is crucial to winning the game.

Virtual Reality

Transport your employees to a new world. Help them learn how to respond to unique cases that virtual reality provides. It promotes creativity and employee relations, as they’ll be working together to accomplish tasks. Give this opportunity to your employees and let them have a fun experience. It’ll bring everyone together into an atmosphere that’s designed to maximize rapport.

Escape Room Group Event

This requires an all-out team effort to find clues, solve puzzles, and pick locks to break free from a room. This event will exercise critical thinking skills while fostering team-building.

Whatever corporate social event ideas in Atlanta, GA you have, you can always incorporate the activities mentionedabove.Reward your employees with an experience like no other and instill the right values to help your company grow.

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