Signs You Need to Replace Your Semi-Truck

Truck driving can be a hard job, where both driver and truck can often be pulled through the wringers, expected to weather all different types of climates and weather conditions for long hours. The semi-truck is your workhorse that makes it all possible and allows you to bring home the bacon. So, the last thing you need is any massive surprises, such as an engine failure. It is much better if you are aware of the signs, so that you can be ahead of it and choose to look for used semi-trucks for sale on your terms before a disaster strikes. Here are some red flags you should look out for as your engine approaches the million-mile mark or it’s expected life cycle.

Does Your Semi-Truck Release Black or Blue Smoke?

Is the exhaust from your semi-truck taking on a different color or black or blue? If so, this is a sign that you’re burning oil. The issue could also be a sign that the fuel conditions in your engine are too lean or rich. This could mean you’re having issues with your injectors, cylinder liner, or piston rings.

Decrease in Miles Per Gallon

Has your fuel economy decreased, and you are getting less miles per gallon? If you notice that you are having to spend more on fuel, your engine may be in need of help. A worsened fuel economy can be one of those seemingly small, but potentially major red flags pointing to your engine. There is a possible issue with the injectors being old or damaged.

Decrease in the Power of Your Engine

Is your semi-truck no longer pulling like it used to? Are you having to push more to get up to speed and that max speed is not a high as it used to be? This is a sign that your engine is giving you less. Your cylinder has possibly lost compression, but here are some other things that should be checked as well: 

  • Head gasket
  • Valves
  • Piston Rings
Is Your Engine Knocking?

Did the sound your engine used to make change subtly or drastically? Does something sound off about the engine sound as you are driving? This could be an issue of contaminated oil or combustion timing not clicking like it used to. It could also be a sign of piston skirt issues, problems with the main bearings, or even the liner seals.

If your truck is almost to the million-mile mark or you are noticing signs that could be pointing to possible problems with your engine, it’s time to hit the market and look at used semi-trucks for sale.

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