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How to Make Your Bathroom Senior-Friendly

The bathroom is the go-toplace for relief and a refreshing shower. However, when it isn’t well-laidout and accessible, it becomes an unsafe environment for people who have issues with mobility.

Makeit more accommodating by installing handlebars and bathtubs for the elderly and disabled. If they can safely use this space on their own, they can be more independent. But how do you make this area of the house more senior-friendly?

Place Non-Slip Mats

One of the biggest hazards in the bathroom is a wet surface. To help reduce the chances of slipping and falling, it’s better if you use a non-slip mat for the floor andthe bottom part of the bathtub. Not only is it relatively affordable, but it’s very efficient as well. This kind of mat will give you ample traction while you’re on your feet, so you won’t slip during bath time. It’s mostly made of rubber that remains fixed where you place it with suction cups.

Install Support Bars

Most people with joint problems normally have a problem with their mobility. Thisis particularly dangerous when inside the bathroom,which is usually slippery. To avoid accidents, mount handle or support bars on the walls near the toilet or shower area to provide support. It’s best to get slip-resistant ones,so they’re easier to grip.

Invest in Walk-In Bathtubs

There are a variety of bathtubs for seniors and the disabled.Onegood option is the walk-in kind. Unlike the standard ones, walk-intubs have watertight doors that open at the side. This eliminates the risk of slipping because there’s no need to climb over the edge just to get in. Other models are also equipped with textured seats and handles.

Get Raised Toilet Seats

Traditional toilets are often fixed too low,which makes it difficult for older people when theybend their knees. Raised toilet seats are designed to helpa person to easily sit on the bowl. There are also types that come with grip bars to assist individuals when sitting or standing.

By investing in simple items like non-slip mats and bathtubs for the elderly and disabled, you can give your loved ones ample protection. If you want to learn more about these products while testing them out yourself, you can visit any retailer near you.

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