Hiring the Best Website Design Company

Your company’s website is your face and best foot forward to the world in which you do business. Customers, employees, suppliers – and even your competition – interface with your company’s website almost every day. So, it goes without saying that the look and feel, as well as content and functionality of your website is important. To make that a reality, you need a good team both inside and outside your company.

Maintaining a Fresh Website

One of the problems with a company’s website is that it needs to be updated regularly – not just with new content, but features and content that will result in the website coming up at the top of search results. This requires a lot of work and manpower. The question every company needs to ask themselves is should I have a large inside team to take on this task, or should I outsource some of the work to one of the website design companies in the area?

The scope of your company’s web presence will determine a lot of this. If you have a large website with a high level of functionality such as ecommerce services, you’ll need a large inhouse team of creatives and techs. The good thing about going outside your company for additional talent and manpower, is that you can benefit for new and creative ideas that an outside website company can bring to the table.

But where do you find the best website design agencies and how do you select the best one?

Where to Start

Honestly, the best place to start is to hold a series of meet and greets with local website design companies. Do a search in your city for the best website design companies. It goes without saying, they will have stellar websites that showcase their creative work and client results. Identity the best agencies from your online search. If you have colleagues that know the lay of the land of website design companies, call around and get opinions. Some creative types can be bullheaded and difficult to work with. Avoid those shops at all cost.

Once you’ve whittled your list down, pick up the phone and put a call in to a few of the companies. They love it when potential clients call them. Set up a meeting and give the principal at the website design company an idea of what you are trying to accomplish with your company’s website. Arrange to have the meeting at the offices of the website design company. You can tell a lot about a design company by walking into their office such as their typical clients, creative level of their work, and even the morale of employees.

Bring a few people from your staff to these meetings. Collect all the information you need, even getting rates and projected budgets from similar projects. And don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions, such as when did you fail to meet a client’s expectations and how did you overcome these problems? Ask to meet the folks who potentially would be working on your business. Then, take all this information back to your office and discuss with your team.

Next, go back to the top website design companies that you think you could work with and ask them to prepare a plan, budget, and presentation. After the presentations, you’ll be ready to select the best agency and they will become an integral part of your team.

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