How Effective Subliminal Messages Are?

Many people believe that subliminal messages can do wonders in your life however psychologists are little skeptical about its real influence in your life.

However, it is a fact that subliminal messages really exist and also, they are able to influence people in many different ways. Many researchers have been reviewing them for many decades, and trying to know do subliminal messages work?

Most people try to take positive stance and think that it is possible to use subliminal messages effectively for our self-development. It is able to reprogram our subconscious mind for changing our habit or to achieve success etc.

What is subliminal message?

Often people confuse between subliminal messages and supraliminal messages. The supraliminal messages are signals or stimuli which we can hear or see but we may not consciously be aware of their real impact on our day to day behavior.

In 1999, few researchers tried to put such kinds of messages in order to test in British supermarket, just by changing the music of the departmental store which was the supraliminal stimulus.

The music was played on alternating days for encouraging the customers to purchase either German or French wine.

When German music was played, then German wine outsold the French wine, and during the day when French music was played, then French wine sales were higher.

Afterwards, questionnaires were filled out by many shoppers which demonstrated that people were aware about the music but totally unaware about the effect which seemed to have affected in their behavior too.

Subliminal messages are also likewise real and quite similar to the supraliminal messages but only difference is that the stimulus or signal is below the threshold of our conscious awareness.

To put it in simple words, you cannot really perceive subliminal message consciously, even if you want to search for it.

If you look at it in terms of any visual images, then a subliminal message will be flashed across your screen, just for a few milliseconds, which can be too small window for any of you to be really aware of it.

In case of any auditory message, it will be delivered at such a frequency which is much below humans’ capability of detection. Also, it can be hidden beneath some other sound.

Here the basic idea is used where your conscious mind will not be able to discern all these messages and as a result, the subliminal directive will be absorbed totally unchallenged into the subconscious mind where it can effectively influence your behavior or thoughts.

In case, however if you can discern the message consciously, then it was really not a subliminal message.

By above statement, what it will really mean is that there are so many and so-called subliminal messages are reported to be appearing in most of the movies, music, advertising and so on which are popular with various conspiracy theorists are not subliminal at all.

All these messages are most likely to be either supraliminal or it can simply be figments of the imagination of the viewer and listeners.

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