Authorised Duties Of A Notary Public In Florida

A Notary Public is a Public Officer, who is appointed by the government to prevent frauds. They prevent frauds in issues related to Government documents and taking of oaths. Beyond these primary duties, notaries are entrusted with smaller tasks, too.

There are six duties that a Florida Notary is expected to perform. Florida Notary Association helps you in understanding the duties thoroughly. You should understand the extents of your duties and this will protect you from any liabilities that might come in the future.

  1. Administering oaths and affirmations

Oath taking is having the person pledging that the contents of the document are true. It is mandatory for the oath-taking person to be present. This is important for oath depositions. If a person is found providing false oaths, he is booked under criminal charges. You should witness the signing of the document also.

  1. Take acknowledgements

Acknowledgements are to witness signing of a document. The notary has to make sure that the signing is done voluntarily. Also, the document has to be scanned thoroughly. This is to avoid any fraudulent changes made to the document after signing. You have to be sure that the signer is knowledgeable about the content of the documents, which he is about to sign.

  1. Attest photocopies

While attesting photocopies, you have to be thoroughly sure that, the copy is an exact replica of the original, in terms of contents. You should never notarize a photograph. Only those documents that can be legally attested should be photocopied. If possible, make sure the copy is made in your presence.

  1. Verify Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

 In this case you have to physically inspect the vehicle and check whether the numbers on the form and on the vehicle are the same. Most of the time, this kind of notarization is performed by those working at a car’s showroom. If you are new to this field, it would be prudent to guide the customer to someone who is experienced in this.

  1. Solemnize marriage

Florida is one of the three states to solemnize marriage by a notary public. You have to get the marriage license from the bride and the groom before the marriage. Both the individuals should be present during notarization. In addition, you have to make sure that both the parties are doing it willingly. Your responsibility is to return the marriage license and the record to the County Clerk’s office within ten days of the ceremony.

  1. Certify the contents of safe-deposit box

 You have the duty to witness the opening of a safe-deposit box. You need to make a list of all the contents in the box. Also, make sure you are the one who removes the items from the box.


You can always not do a notarization, if you feel pressured. You should never notaries for family members or where you have any personal interest. Even when your commission expires, you are responsible for your previous notarization. So, always keep track and proofs of them.

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