Customized and DIY Pirate Costume Ideas

Pirate theme parties are popular not just on Halloween but a necessity for the Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day. You also need them on Hampton Blackbeard and Billy Bowlegs and Gasparilla pirate festivals. If you are looking for an authentic pirate costume idea for couples then check online to find out how the real pirates dressed themselves.

It does not matter, if you are dressing for the pirate festival or a costume party it is your desire to choose the cute couples costumes.

Adult couple pirate costumes

Captain sparrow is all time common pirate costume for men. This Caribbean pirate costume has been a huge hit since 2003 when ‘Curse of Black Pearls’ was released until 2017s ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’, the 5th film in series made way in the cinema halls.

Guy can choose Captain Jack Sparrow get-up to enjoy a swashbuckler swag. It includes the signature hat, coat and belts. You can even explore Edward Kenway’s attire from ‘Assassin’s Creed IV’. Other classic option to try included black and red cutthroat pirate costume or ‘Black Flag’ may be your style.

Women can try the Mary Read or Anne Bonny dresses but they dressed as dudes and if you are not up to it then choose the sexy pirate wench getup. Rustic pirate costume can make you feel a little more like on high seas or battle ready. It includes a ruffled blouse and leather corset, which can offer a feminine flair but all prepared to claim the loot and kick butts.

The cute couples costumes ideas related to a pirate theme go as pirate Calico Jack and Anne Bonny as they were lovers. Calico Jack became popular as skull and crossbones designs on the pirate flags.

Tips for DIY pirate costume

There are many things that can help you procrastinate into a pirate very quickly. With whatever you have put them together with this instant pirate costume ideas.

  • Use a black colored construction paper or felt to cut a quickie eye patch. Attach a string or elastic, so as to secure it with your head.
  • Use a red or black cloth as pirate belt or waist sash.
  • Folded red bandana can do fine around the head as real pirate hat.
  • Crumple the bottom and sleeves of an old T-shirt to make it look distressed. As well as put some tears and holes to get a sea-weathered guise.
  • Pirate-y pattern is stripes, so if you have striped pant then it is cool but if you don’t just visit some thrift stores.
  • You can even look through the jewelry section at the thrift store for some golden hoop earring [even paint them golden].
  • Cut a cardboard in the shape of sword and paint it in silver for metallic finish.

Kids pirate costumes

Just like their mom’s and dad’s, Caribbean pirate costumes are popular among kids. Boys adore the idea of high sea adventures including hidden treasures. Pirate costumes make their dream come true.

For girls there are custom designs including Angelica from the movie ‘Stranger Tides’. So, for wearing pirate costume there is no age limit because even toddlers can have a special one customized to make their first birthday memorable!

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