Get Hired at The Best Trucking Company and Let Your Trucking Career Begin Now!

What else can be more exciting than your passion turning into highly rewarding career? Well, if you are fond of travelling on open roads in large trucks that transports goods between different places then you can turn this passion into your career. Sounds amazing, right?

This field is often overlooked, but it is turning out to be the best choice for people who love travelling and desire earning good while doing so. These days, trucking company jobs allows employees to enjoy great home time, competitive pay, positive work culture, and many other benefits. Read on to know all about this career and how you too can earn large salaries by doing this amazing job!

Factors determining truck driver pay

Truck drivers have a great potential to earn huge amount of salaries per annum. However, the overall amount varies and it highly depends on following factors.

  • Experience – Drivers that have been in this industry for over a decade is ought to earn much higher salaries as compared to the ones that have just started their trucking careers. However, being a starter, you will soon be an experienced driver though!
  • Education – Drivers that have completed certified trucking course are qualified for high paying jobs. These courses usually last from around 3-6 weeks and you will be learning the professional ways to deal with driving in all roads as well as weather conditions.
  • Special skills – In case you hold special skills on CDL that permits you for transporting hazardous liquids, oversized loads, as well as luxury cars, then you can earn higher salary than the truckers that don’t have such special skills.

Truck driver advantages

There is always shortage of the truck drivers, so most of the trucking companies provide substantial salaries and benefits for the ones joining in this industry. One of the major benefits that the drivers get is that they can balance their home and work life in a much better way.

There are even intrastate trucking jobs that allow the drivers to get back to their home every night. There are also interstate jobs that give them several nights in a week at their home.

With federal regulations by the drivers’ side, they don’t tend to be overly tired. They are assured not to work over 60 hours in a week or 70 hours in 8 days. Before beginning with new driving week, the driver is ought to take minimum 34 hours off. So, being close to the home allows them to spend downtime with their family.

Some of the companies even offer the drivers to get 34 hours restart every weekend at home. However, this might be optional and isn’t mandatory. More and more trucking companies are improving their safety measures and are keeping their work environment uplifting and positive.

If you too want to turn your interest in the trucking jobs into your career, then it can be the best decision you can ever make! Contact a reliable trucking company right away and apply for the job!

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