Green Screen Filming: What, Why and How Much

As movie making and film technology has evolved over the past few decades, the use of different items to create astonishing special effects has increased exponentially. One of the chief innovations among these items is the green screen. Green screens are used in many different Hollywood pictures and allow entire backgrounds to be rendered on the screen instead of having to build elaborate sets. The use of green screens has even made its way to the casual filmmaker as well, with many content creators purchasing their own green backdrops in order to create the same effect on their own homemade videos. There are many things to know about the use of a green screen and this article will cover how to use them, what they are and what they may cost you.

Green screens are commonly used and what is known as chroma key photography. Chroma key photography is a process that uses a single colored background light green placed behind what is being filmed and replaces it with a new background in post-production. The reason many filmmakers like green screen is because the color green is not inherently present in skin or hair colors. This will allow an actor’s full body to be seen and not altered during the editing process. With the post production stage, the green screen is then turned into whatever computer-generated or practically generated effect has been made to represent it in the background. This technology is simple to use and easy to obtain, making it a favorite among everyone from amateur to expert filmmakers.

Green screen photography has been used in many different movies dating back many years. Movies such as Lord of the Rings, Avatar, The Matrix and Jurassic Park have made use of this technology to cut film costs and have more control over their backgrounds. This flexibility has opened up an entirely new world of possibilities and changed how we imagine films could be made. Some movies have even used green screen backgrounds entirely rather than a blend of practical effects and computer-generated green screen effects.

The costs involved with green screen technology can vary. A quick search online will show you can find green screens for as cheap as $10 or as expensive as $2,700. The right green screen technology for you will depend upon what you intend to use it for and the size of the screen purchased. There are other options besides purchasing available to individuals who are either on a tight budget or do not wish to make a long-term purchase. Green screens are relatively easy to make and the materials are easy to purchase as well. You can also find green screen studios NYC near you and see if they will allow you to rent the space for your filming purposes. This gives you the opportunity to get what you need without making an investment in a long-term purchase.

As the use of green screen technology increases, amateur and professional filmmakers are using a wider variety a film making techniques to make their visions reality. If you are looking into purchasing or are utilizing a green screen, you will need to consider what your unique needs are and what the individual cost may be. If you decide to purchase, create one of your own or rent green screen studios NYC, this amazing technology can take your film project to the next level.

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