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Benefits of Sewer Video Inspections

Sewer problems can be extremely frustrating because as a homeowner, you typically don’t have any way to see the problem yourself. When your sewer is having problems, you often end up spending thousands in diagnosis and repair costs because the problem often lies far beneath the ground. Fortunately, sewer video inspection in Sacramento makes these repairs a little easier to swallow because you have more evidence of the real problem. Here are some of the benefits of video inspections.

Accurate Diagnosis

A video inspection eliminates any guesswork concerning your sewer problem so that you and the plumbers know exactly what’s going on. You and the technician can see what the actual problem is and the location can be exactly pinpointed as well. The camera has transmitters that can record the depth and physical location of the damage or obstruction so that you can have peace of mind about the diagnosis given by the plumber as well as the recommended course of action.

No Unnecessary Repairs

An accurate diagnosis also means that you’ll only get necessary sewer repair in Sacramento. Without video inspection in the past, sewer lines had to be dug up on the assumption of damage or improper construction. Fortunately, this can sometimes be avoided if the video from a high-resolution camera shows that the problem can be taken care of without excavating. This saves you a lot of money as well as a lot of mess and cleanup later on.

Identifying Causes

Recurring problems like a backed up line don’t always require a major repair, but a video inspection can make it easier to see what the cause is so that you can prevent similar problems in the future. For instance, an inspection can identify if clogs are being caused by grease, flushable wipes, or other items that tend to clog the sewer so that you can avoid flushing them in the future. If encroaching tree roots are the problem, the plumbers can often address this using hydrojetting to break up the roots and clean the inside of the pipes as well.

Evidence Gives Peace of Mind

Perhaps the greatest benefit of sewer video inspection in Sacramento is the peace of mind that comes with having video evidence of what the plumbers found. You’ll know that the money you spend to repair your sewer is well spent because you can avoid outlandish claims with the evidence right in front of you.

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