Reasons Escorts Are Preferable to Having A Girlfriend

Everyone needs a companion but some don’t desire to commit in a relationship because they are still not ready. With relationships there are plenty of headaches and hassles. Moreover, you have to find someone attractive first to build a relationship.

Hiring an escort girl is an easy way to get all you need from a girlfriend. She comes when you call her and leaves as soon as you get busy. A girlfriend will not comprehend your tight schedule.

Reasons escorts are preferable to having a girlfriend

Great options

Dating a girl means you just have a single one, which is a huge restriction. The possibility is that you may have to eventually settle with a lady available and not the one you are really attracted to [the lady you are interested in must also like you].

On LOveSita, you gain access to multiple beauties, which means one for today and another one for tomorrow. You can even choose more than one, simultaneously. You get a call girl of your choice.

No certainty

You need to keep on wooing a girl for weeks, and even then you get rejected. Why waste time! Hire an escort, as she also has the same characteristics like the girl you flattered for weeks. Stop chasing a girl, who is not interested in you but go for other alternatives.

Choose a dream girl

Best thing about girlfriend experience with an escort is you get to select a dream girl. You may adore red heads or brunettes or a tall girl. You get a good chance to pick an ideal dream girl from an escort agency.

No strings attached

For girlfriend experience with an escort, there is no need to worry about any expectations or commitment. You don’t need to be concerned whether she will text message or call you the next day. Enjoy your encounter and depart. No strings attached!

No boredom

After a period of time, relationships become very boring. There is no spark left but you feel burdened as your girlfriend turns very possessive. The best thing about GFE with an escort is that no stress is involved because both are just getting together to spend some great time. There is no expectation or possessiveness in the equation.

No responsibility

A girlfriend’s happiness is your responsibility. You spend plenty of time in impressing a girl and take her on a date. With GFE, the escort comes to you directly. You are given all the attention. She even goes beyond to satisfy you. You can say in a relationship a girlfriend is the boss, while with an escort, you are the boss.

Girlfriend is expensive

In the start, it may seem that girlfriends are cheaper but soon you will find out that an escort is cheaper. You have to take a girlfriend out regularly, call her often, and send birthday gifts, valentine gifts, remember first kiss anniversaries and more. When you add all these costs, it will be a huge amount.

You compromised on many things like taking her to her favorite restaurant or movie and even did not get to spend quality time with friends. The turning point is when she dumps you for some rich guy or a little mistake you made. Is it worthwhile?

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